About Us

A word from Don Van Veldhuizen (founder):

“In 1996, while working in Papua New Guinea, I saDSCN9785 - Copyw for the first time what waterborne epidemics do to families and communities.  Seeing the faces of the families as I carried their near-lifeless children with cholera into the hospital, a desire to impact change was planted in my heart.  That desire grew over time and eventually became established as Water Journeys. From the start, I have aggressively sought knowledge in water contaminants and their removal; with a degree in water technologies and years of water treatment experience under my belt, I find myself privileged to be recognized as a nationally known instructor in the field.  This exposure has helped me gather some of the leading minds in engineering, medical, and water operations in the United States to team up against the dangers of water contamination throughout the world.”
What we do:
Water is complex, and sometimes drilling a well or adding chlorine to a source is not enough to provide safe drinking water to a community.
There are many natural and man-made contaminants that require special consideration when measuring water quality. We evaluate each water supply individually and use our lab to determine health risks associated with the water.  Many contaminants – including nitrates, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, hydrogen sulfide and many dozens more – can be detected at the source using our portable lab. For other, more difficult contaminants, we send samples to independent labs with broader capabilities.  Based on these outcomes, we rely on our network of engineers and water professionals to provide specific treatments for each site and then retest to ensure objectives for water cleanliness have been met.
Our overall process includes training the local community to take part in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the water system.  Each system is owned and operated by the local community, providing a sense of pride and ownership.  Contact remains open between Water Journeys and the community leaders, and follow-up evaluations and maintenance are available as needed.
We take on the challenging water issues that others refuse to take.  We know that people suffering from crippling diseases are still valuable, but the water they drink to stay alive may also be causing them harm.  This cycle devastates entire families and communities.
We are relentless in determining the actual causes of contamination in water sources and providing a path so that hurting communities can thrive once again.